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Pictures Of Tiger Woods Baby

pictures of tiger woods baby

    tiger woods
  • Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods (born December 30, 1975) is an American professional golfer whose achievements to date rank him among the most successful golfers of all time. Currently the World No. 1, he is the highest-paid professional athlete in the world, having earned an estimated $90.

  • Ch. Gayleward's Tiger Woods, also known as Tiger Woods (born February 11, 2002) is a male Scottish Deerhound American show dog, bred and owned by Gayle Bontecou and handled by Clifford W. Steele.

  • Form a mental image of

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pictures of tiger woods baby - Training a

Training a Tiger: A Father's Guide to Raising a Winner in Both Golf and Life

Training a Tiger: A Father's Guide to Raising a Winner in Both Golf and Life

The smash New York Times bestseller (more than 270,000 hardcover copies sold) by the father and mentor of the PGA sensation Tiger Woods, Training a Tiger is an invaluable guide parents can use to teach their children golf and important life lessons as well.
From the moment Tiger Woods turned pro, fans have been on the edge of their seats watching one thrilling performance after another, and millions of kids and adults have been turned on to the sport because of Tiger's charisma and breathtaking abilities. From his shot-making skills and mental toughness to his confidence, integrity, and demeanor, Tiger sets the standard for public figures.
In Training a Tiger, Earl Woods provides insight into the kind of perspective, instruction, and training that goes into raising a champion who plays his or her best on -- and off -- the green. He offers advice on when and how to introduce golf (or any sport) to a child, how to lay the groundwork for open communication, and how to cultivate a positive competitive attitude. An intelligent mix of instruction, anecdotes, and common sense. Training a Tiger helps parents everywhere guide their kids to become good golfers -- and great people.

The first thing you'll learn in this book, which details how Earl Woods raised his son, Tiger, to become probably the greatest golfer who ever lived, is that your child will never be another Tiger Woods. Tiger is a prodigy in the sense that Mozart was a prodigy. But even if your child has completely ordinary abilities, Training a Tiger shows how to pass on your love for a sport to your child. Most of the book is specific to golf, but the same lessons can be applied to any activity.

83% (7)

Payment Rendered (6-23-9) #8

Payment Rendered (6-23-9) #8

Deets Carroll calls, "Jaina?" She finally spots the child on the couch.

Jaina Lefevre hears the door and she opens her eyes. She gets a worried smile on her face. " came-ed!"

Deets Carroll crouches next to the couch. "Hey sweetie, of course we came. What happened? Are you all right?"

Jaina Lefevre whispers "Mama...the Youaysee...they hurted me bad...and pretend killed me'n Rai and Kimi. Then when I was in the hopspittle, one tried t'steal me. River got his PDA...Miss Elise said his name was Doctor Asbrink."

Deets Carroll looks to Deb, to gauge her reaction. "Why did the UAC people hurt you?"

Debra Charron kneels by the sofa and places a comfoting hand on jania's hair, "Its OK Starfish, mamma's are home now. Who hurt you baby?

Jaina Lefevre whispers. "It was all my fault. I was doin' aimin' practice with Mister Slingshot Youaysee man and he said I hadta join the service. I said I was gonna be like Mommy and he said mean things so I shotted a ball-bearing at his vest. He shotted a gun at me and Rai and I ran into the woods. Then there was a big light and it got dark and my ears hurted and I went t'sleep. He throwed me into a cage and they beated me up and shotted me with /big/ ball bearings and then they put black things on our heads and p'tend shotted us and made us go 'sleep again."

Debra Charron's lips thin and go pale in fury. Her voice remains steady tho, as she inquires - "Think back baby.......Did the soldier you hit with the sling-shot have a name tag on his vest?"

Deets Carroll sits back on her heels, concern battling with anger at the child. "So... miss I'm too smart to go to school shot a soldier with a SLINGSHOT? ARE YOU -- " she regains control of her voice. "Are you insane? You're lucky to be alive, young lady!"

Jaina Lefevre: "No, Mommy. He's 'newguy'...and th'lady boss of him was called Huntress. River has the bad man's pda with the pict...." she looks at Deets, crawling back on the couch. "He was /helpin'/ me with my aim..and then he said mean things about Mommy!"

Deets Carroll's volume goes up again, "HE SAID --" She stops, closes her eyes a moment and takes a deep breath. "Oh for heaven's sake. Have you got no instinct for self preservation at ALL? What were you THINKING?"

Jaina Lefevre stares at Deets and her lower lip quivers and she turns her face into the couch, the tears so close to the surface already, starting up again. "...w..wouldn't...h..hurt i'm....he had ah...amor..."

Debra Charron strokes Jania's hair, "Baby, when those people say bad things - its only when they know that have enough firepower to get away with it. I make sure my Operators know not to get drug into a yelling match with them, because they don't usually have the stones to mouth off unless they have something up their sleeve. Don't let them trick you baby." Deb strokes her hair. "I love you Starfish, I'm sorry i wasn't here"

Deets Carroll sighs, still fighting her anger. "Would you poke a tiger gently with a stick, even if it wouldn't hurt him?"

Jaina Lefevre whispers. "That mean man wanted t'take me from the hopspittle. Mister Father brung me here 'cause there ain't no grenades here. There was at the hopspittle. You gotta get the phone from River to see the pictures. Please?"

Debra Charron nods and caresses Jania's cheek "We will Starfish, but first we're making sure you're OK"

Deets Carroll slumps and reaches out to stroke the child's head gently. "I'm sorry, sweetie, I know you got hurt, and I shouldn't be yelling at you. But all I can think of, is, they could just as easily killed you for real, we might never have even known what happened to our girl..." She nods to Deb, "Get her to the base?"

Jaina Lefevre: "Mommy...they knowed I was yours. S'why they hurted me so much and why that Dr. Asbrink tried t'steal me. They knowed where we lives, that's why Mister brought me here. They got guards and stuff."

Debra Charron looks visibly troubled, "I'm sorry starfish......being our kid is not a cakewalk" Deb'd voice gains some firmness as she adds. "But maybe I can deter these people from every trying that again"

Jaina Lefevre looks over at Deets. "We was playin'...then he wasn't no more. It was so fast." She trembles. "Want my own jammies and clothes and reader and sleep 'tween you in the big bed. Don't want the bad pictures in my head t'night."

Jaina Lefevre: "Can I use you phone? Call River, ask him t'bring the phone here?"

Debra Charron calls up the dialpad on her TACCOM's wrist unit and holds it out to Jania, "Here baby"

Jaina Lefevre dials River's number and listens to the ringing.

Deets Carroll nods, her anger gone -- for now. She leans over and kisses the little girl on the head. "Of cou

Receiving the Diploma from the Principle

Receiving the Diploma from the Principle

Our dearest son Albert,

When you wake up this morning, did you notice the sky is bluer, the air is fresher and the birds sing happier? Today is a very special day, our precious son, it is one of many milestones in your life that mommy and daddy will never forget.

It still seems like yesterday when daddy and mommy first hold you in our arms 5 years ago in St. Lukes Hospital. You were the most gorgeous baby boy we had ever seen. You brought so much joy and laughter to our house. No matter how tired we feel after work, you always warm up our hearts with your worry-free smiles and cute, funny little stories.

Do you know why Daddy insisted in naming you Albert? Because of the smartest people in the world - his name is Albert Einstein. You are well on your way, already pondering hard questions and sensitive to deep insights. Daddy and mommy are so proud of the numerous questions you ask every day, even though some of them may sound a little silly. “Mommy, how did you put Alicia in the tummy, is it magic?” “Daddy, why can’t people turn their neck 180 degrees?” “Mommy, is the rain the sky’s pee, the snow the sky’s poop and the thunder the sky’s snore?” … Daddy and mommy are proud of the number of places you’ve set your feet to already: by age 5 you’ve already traveled to 3 national parks, 4 States, 5 big cities and 4 foreign countries… Daddy and mommy are very proud of what a fast learner you’ve become: you self-learn to play golf well by watching Tiger Woods’ games, you can take great pictures by using mommy’s 2-pound Nikon camera, and you even know how to clean Alicia’s hands and entertain her and be mommy’s big helper.

We cannot believe how fast five years have flown by. Albert, you always say the biggest number in the world is “million”. But do you know there’s one thing in the world that’s much bigger than “a million”? This thing is called “love”. Albert, our precious son, our love to you is more than the “million” sand on the beach, and it is more than the “million” stars in the sky. You make us really proud!

Love, Mommy & Daddy

pictures of tiger woods baby

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