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Baby Bed Sharing

baby bed sharing

    baby bed
  • a small bed for babies; enclosed by sides to prevent the baby from falling

  • having in common; "the sharing of electrons creates molecules"

  • unselfishly willing to share with others; "a warm and sharing friend"

  • using or enjoying something jointly with others

  • Give a portion of (something) to another or others

  • Use, occupy, or enjoy (something) jointly with another or others

  • Have a portion of (something) with another or others

baby bed sharing - Book and

Book and Bed: Sharing Sign Language with Your Child: a Words By the Handful Story

Book and Bed: Sharing Sign Language with Your Child: a Words By the Handful Story

Teaching American Sign Language to babies through interactive stories, this series of concept books weaves five essential signs into the story of each book, enabling the adult reader to learn sign language while teaching babies to sign long before they learn to form words. Providing a context for the introduction of each sign, these educational stories focus on communicating essential messages through repetition and reading aloud while encouraging long-term developmental benefits by stimulating early communication skills.

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sharing (with incidental pic)

sharing (with incidental pic)

novels i didn’t write - number 129


it’s a simple enough premise

in some ways i’m good at it
sure you can have a bite of my sandwich
no big deal

every time we speak or write
i guess that’s sharing
even when we talk to ourselves
scrawl an angst-fuelled poem for the bin

now take a leap with me
(could even be a quantum leap)
join me in the world of science fiction
i’ve lived there since i was a kid
everything from space opera to post-apocalyptic parables
i’ve always had this nag-‘n’-gnawing idea
that i could do one for myself

i’d start with a simple premise …..

i forget whether i licked a big yellow pencil or fired up windows 95
i got down to it
i figgered on an alien invasion
there’s always a lotta mileage in an alien invasion
(and i don’t just mean the journey here - you dumb-ass critic)
i was tempted to go for gore and goo
(but i went off on a vice-presidential tangent and had to stop)
then decided on something more gentle

sure there was gonna be the original meeting - the insertion
take your pick between vicious reptilian and spooky glowing orb
this means the off-world guys get their teeth
(maybe literal and metaphorical)
into joe average’s spinal cord
and then ……..

and then the doorbell rang
hey man said my friend there’s music on tonight
let’s get over there
sink a few
sit in and swing

so for the next few sometimes
i left mankind’s nervous systems unharmed
(albeit besmirched by green saliva)

what can i tell ya
there was guinness
the blues
life just seemed to get in the way

there came a night
blue and misty day
when i tried again
you see - my aliens weren’t bloodsuckers
they didn’t take predatory chopsticks to human grey matter
once they were in situ
they just sent out warm and comforting thoughts
hey man (or woman or person if you got pc paranoia)
they whispered to the subconscious
that’s a neat idea
don’t worry - everything’s fine

sounds like nothin’ huh
it worked better than any evil scientist’s wmd

people stopped talking
no need
when there’s a voice in your head
yeah cries dumb-ass again
but said that talking to yourself was …….
no need
when there’s a voice in your head

all you needed was there
(or so the voice would tell)
no need
to shit shower shave or eat
no need for anything
no interaction
you’re plugged into an empathic abyss

society would shrivel like the scrotum of a desiccated donkey

i was really on a move here
ideas rattling like cerebral castanets

Don't Make Us Get Out of Bed

Don't Make Us Get Out of Bed

A couple more shots from the "Family Portrait" session. I really got a lot of shot I liked, so I wanted to share a couple more.

baby bed sharing

baby bed sharing

Three in a Bed : The Benefits of Sharing Your Bed With Your Baby

Until relatively recently, babies weren't sent off to sleep alone in their cribs where they often cry themselves to sleep--only to wake, needing to be fed or comforted until they can fall asleep again. This book offers an alternative: taking your baby to bed with you. Drawing on up-to-date and startling new evidence, the author shows how babies who sleep with their parents benefit by getting virtually a full night's sleep. Three in a Bed also includes a fully revised chapter based on new research on the SIDS debate and includes practical information on safety in the bed, how to sustain your sex life, and how to deal with the moment when the baby leaves his parents' bed. The approached advocated in this book can change the life of any parent struggling with getting their baby to sleep through the night.

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baby bed sharing

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